The Corporation of the Municipality of Brockton
Brockton Council Meeting Agenda

Electronic Meeting
  • Chris Peabody - Mayor,
  • Dan Gieruszak - Deputy Mayor,
  • Steve Adams - Councillor,
  • Tim Elphick - Councillor,
  • Kym Hutcheon - Councillor,
  • James Lang - Councillor,
  • and Dean Leifso - Councillor
  • Sonya Watson - Chief Administrative Officer,
  • Fiona Hamilton - Clerk,
  • Trish Serratore - Chief Financial Officer,
  • and Gregory Furtney, Director of Operations

The purpose of the Special Council Meeting is to establish electronic meeting procedures and amend the Procedural By-Law, ratifying decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other urgent business. This meeting will be conducted electronically through Zoom Video Conferencing, and livestreamed to the Municipality’s YouTube Channel.