The Corporation of the Municipality of Brockton
Brockton Council Meeting Agenda

Bruce County Council Chambers - 30 Park Street, Walkerton, ON
  • Chris Peabody - Mayor, 
  • James Lang, Deputy Mayor, 
  • Mitch Clark - Councillor, 
  • Tim Elphick - Councillor, 
  • Kym Hutcheon - Councillor, 
  • B. Carl Kuhnke - Councillor, 
  • and Gregory J. McLean - Councillor 
  • Sonya Watson - Chief Administrative Officer, 
  • Fiona Hamilton - Director of Legislative and Legal Services (Clerk), 
  • Trish Serratore - Chief Financial Officer, 
  • Nicholas Schnurr, Director of Operations, 
  • and Dieter Weltz, Building and Planning Manager/CBO 

Adam Stanley, Director of Transportation & Environmental Services, County of Bruce will provide an overview of the reports presented to Bruce County Council on March 7, 2024 and April 4, 2024 as well as an update on the project status.

Councillor McLean provided Notice of Motion on March 26, 2024 regarding this resolution.

Each member municipality in the Saugeen Municipal Airport were asked to provide a statement prior to the April 17, 2024 joint Council Meeting. Mayor Peabody has prepared the attached statement on behalf of the Council of the Municipality of Brockton.

The Council of the Municipality of Brockton will enter into Closed Session in order to address matters pertaining to:

  • Labour relations or employee negotiations - Staffing Update, Employee Review Update
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